Coffee Blends

  • Veranda Blend

    Veranda Blend

    Moderately strong with sweet and nutty notes, Veranda charms taste buds with a refreshing jolt of energy, best savored to empower your day with vigor.

    Breakfast Blend

    Breakfast Blend

    With a combination of sweet and nutty notes, Breakfast lives up to its name and proves itself to be a veritable concoction of intense cheer.

    Sunset Blend

    Sunset Blend

    A satisfying cup of Sunset offers strong nutty and toasty notes to the taste with surprising traces of sweetness in between.

  • Midnight Blend

    Midnight Blend

    The Midnight blend’s complex flavor of sweet and nutty notes presents coffee drinkers a warm delight to savor.

    Espresso Americano Blend

    Espresso Americano

    For coffee drinkers who wish to indulge in a bold coffee flavored with sweet, chocolaty and nutty notes.

    Espresso Italiano Blend

    Espresso Italiano

    Espresso Italiano has a strong and complex aroma infused with nutty, sweet and dark notes.

  • Village Blend

    Village Blend

    Nutty and toasty notes, Village delights your senses with a revelry of blod flavors laced with delightful hints of sweetness.

Flavored Coffee

  • Hazelnut Creme Blend

    Hazelnut Creme

    Good cheer in a cup, Hazelnut crème offers strong freshly-shelled notes, complimented with sweet vanilla or buttery roasted nut notes.

    Caramel Nut Blend

    Caramel Nut

    The nutty taste of Caramel overflows with a heavenly sweet and buttery flavor sprinkled with slow-roasted pecans for a nutty crunch.

    Caramel Hazelnut Blend

    Caramel Hazelnut

    Combination of sweet candy, creamy caramel and heavily sweet and buttery caramel flavor sprinkled with slow-roasted pecans.

  • Butter Rum Blend

    Butter Rum

    Classic rum with rich and creamy dairy notes, Butter Rum excites the sense with a full-bodied cup of invigorating flavor.

    Butter Rum Blend

    Butterscotch Toffee

    Sweet, creamy, buttery. Butterscotch Toffee is made to satisfy a sweet tooth’s cravings.

Coffee Varietals

  • Barako Blend


    A distinct cup of warm invigoration, Barako offers a strong coffee flavor with distinct fruity notes.

    Full Roast Arabica

    Full Roast Arabica

    Full Roast Arabica lets you taste the boldness of coffee with sweet and chocolaty notes.

    Prima (100% Robusta)

    Prima (100% Robusta)

    Nutty and slightly bright, Prima is for someone who wishes to enrich his life with caffeine indulgence.

  • Premium Roast Arabica

    Premium Roast Arabica

    Moderately strong with sweet notes, Premium Roast Arabica excites one’s senses with a burst of full-bodied flavor.